Things To Do

We’d like to use this opportunity to provide you with a brief overview of Discover Mexico Park, and explain our unique and original concept. Our main objective is to show visitors how rich Mexico is in culture, traditions and natural resources, all of which can be enjoyed at Discover Mexico Park Cozumel.

Discover Mexico Park does not offer your typical Cozumel tours. The locations within our cultural park set us apart, allowing us to offer multiple exciting activities and things to do in Cozumel all conveniently located in one place. Check out some of our locations inside the park below, and book a tour with us!

Dioramic Garden

Discover the most emblematic architectural constructions and Mexican monuments in our Dioramic Garden.

Papantla Flyers

Come enjoy the show as these daredevils recreate the adrenaline-packed performance of the ancient Voladores.

Museum of Mexican Traditional Arts

Visit the #1 museum in Cozumel, showcasing traditional regional works and pieces of contemporary folk art.

Mercadito Snack Bar

Taste the many authentic flavors of Mexico at our Mercadito Snack Bar. From tacos to ice cream, you’re sure to find your favorite.

Margarita Center by Jose Cuervo

For a true taste of Cozumel beverages, indulge in one of our famous lemon, chocolate or mango margaritas.

Tequila Tasting Experience Room

Treat your taste buds to a Mexican tequila experience, created by the Jose Cuervo distillery.

Handcrafts and Souvenir Store

Visit our souvenir shop, where you can purchase the finest unique handcrafts from all over Mexico.

Video Experience Room

Travel around the entire country just by visiting our award-winning, multi-screen video experience room.

Alebrije Workshop Image 2
Alebrije Atelier Room

Discover the authentic Mexican alebrijes and create your own colorful craft to bring home!

Chocolate Workshop Image 1
Chocolate Factory

Discover the traditional tools and methods used to roast and mill cacao seeds into real chocolate.