If there is one drink that is known around the world for being Mexican, that has to be tequila!

Tequila has become a trademark for Mexican culture, heritage, idiosyncrasy, and even the people’s festive character.  It has been rediscovered over the past 30 years, and in doing so, its fame has crossed beyond Mexico’s borders and made it an international affair.  Tequila can be found in bars all around the world, and though there’re some misconceptions about it, everyone can recognize it as being Mexican. If you have the chance to watch any Mexican movies from the 40s and 50s eras, you will see how tequila has always had a key role within the stories of the movies, same as it has been part of the stories of the Mexican people.


Tequila has its origin in the town of “Tequila”, located at the Mexican state of Jalisco state (central west Mexico), and has been produced from blue agave for centuries, being named after its birth town, and becoming “the” drink to have at any cantina and celebrations ever since.

While margaritas are the most popular cocktails made out of a tequila mixing, connoisseurs coincide tequila should be sipped alone, as you would do with a fine whisky, given it has the same extraordinary characteristics a good liquor has.

You may wonder then, what about taking tequila shots?  Is that OK to do?  The short answer is no. Tequila is meant to be sipped slowly while savoring all the notes behind it, denoting the unique characteristics tequila can have, depending on the type of wood it has been aged, the time it was aged, and even if it has not been aged, the soil the agaves grew at, can also give tequila a distinctive flavor.  Tequila, way back when, however, was not such a cured and quality product, as it was meant to be a folks’ drink, so, its flavor used to be quite harsh, hence the custome of taking shots of it, instead of sipping, as then the stingy flavor would not last long in the mouth.  Nowadays, however, tequila is a very delicate and high quality product which can be sipped, and enjoyed while doing so.

Casa José Cuervo in Tequila, Jalisco was the first tequila factory to patent its name, hence their history is the richest there is regarding tequila.  At Discover Mexico we’re proud to have an alliance with Casa José Cuervo, and be able to provide the “Tequila José Cuervo Seminar” experience for you, where you will not only learn (in a practical way, salud!) to sip tequila properly, but will also learn about how to distinguish the different varieties of tequila, as well as learn much more about the rich history of tequila and Mexico. This is, by far, the best tequila tour in Cozumel Island, and one which includes our museum of popular arts, a taco lunch buffet, margarita making & tasting, plus Papantla flyers show –  Your all around Mexican experience is set.

Give yourself a chance to taste tequila in a whole different way, even if you thought it was harsh, too strong, too something… Let our expert guides show you that tequila is a drink as rich as Mexico’s history and culture, that, if done right, its boldness can even be warm and welcoming.  Tequila done right, only at Discover Mexico and our “Tequila José Cuervo Seminar”.


 By LSV.