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That Wanderlust at Discover Mexico

Dutch blogger That Wanderlust. Discover Mexico. Snack restaurant. Mexican flavors.

At Discover Mexico we understand the importance of social media, and we recognize the significant influence that bloggers have on their readers.

On December 13th, it was our pleasure to welcome Dutch blogger Renate Rigters to our park, whose blog “That Wanderlust”, has been online for a few years ever since she realized she had a nomad heart and an insatiable quest for adventure and travel.  Not only has Renate maintained her own blog, she has also worked as a freelance writer for prestigious magazines, such as National Geographic.  Renate was joined by her Swedish boyfriend Thom, who is also becoming a well-known blogger.

So when Renate got in touch to say that she was interested in visiting Discover Mexico, we were thrilled to say yes! Renate & Thom chose our Mexican Flavors tour, which is the most complete experience we offer at Discover Mexico.

This is Renate’s blogpost about Discover Mexico.  And we are happy to admit, this is probably the best media article anyone has written for us thus far.  Thank you Renate & That Wanderlust for your wonderful visit and your comprehensive review of the park.