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Domingo patrio and Mercado de Productores regionales

mercado artesanias

When it comes of giving back to the Community and be part of them, Discover Mexico Park Cozumel takes pride in making it a priority to be accessible to all Cozumel citizens, and when it comes of celebrating the Mexican traditions, such as the Mexican Independence day, we do our utmost to express our love for Mexico. Hence the creation of our “Domingos Patrios” (Patriotic Sundays).

Discover Mexico has a yearly celebration consisting of opening its doors for any visitor at no cost during the Sundays of September (except for the last Sunday when it is the IronMan competition) and thus allowing the local community to get to see Cozumel’s top cultural park at no cost, creating the ultimate and most accessible family activity of the month.

This time, we simultaneously also had the “Mercado de productores regionales” (Regional handcrafters’ market), which showcases the works of over 20 different artisans from all over the region whose unique talent and products are a brand new and exciting alternative to everyday products.

Discover Mexico Park Cozumel makes it a priority to be close to the community and to be fully part of it. We are grateful to be based in Cozumel Island, whose warmth and unique character makes us want to give back to Cozumeleños every chance we have!

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