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Discover Mexico – Cozumel Cultural Park – New Website Launch!

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Discover Mexico – Cozumel Cultural Park

If you are familiar with Cozumel then you already know that Cozumel is on of the Top Cruise destinations in the caribbean! Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.  With the warm sun and the blue blue caribbean waters there is no wondering as to why Cozumel is on the Top Cruise destinations.  Put that all together with the friendly locals coupled with the rich Mexican Culture and amazing food and you have Cozumel.  Discover Mexico is the best Cozumel Cultural Park on the island and seeks to provide you with memories you won’t forget!

Discover Cozumel Park

Some of you might have stumbled upon our NEW website which is a complete overhaul from our old website  We felt it was time for a new look!  As you have noticed over the past months we have been making changes from our colors to our brand new Logo and knew that it was time for a brand New Website to go along with everything else!  To say the least we are very pleased with the results and we want to walk you through our new Cozumel Cultural Park website and tell you about some of the very unique elements of our all new Cozumel Cultural Park website!

Cozumel Tours now Cozumel Experiences!

One of the most typical things that everyone used to see on our old website were a long list of some of the best Cozumel Tours that we have to offer.  That hasn’t necessarily changed much except now we don’t call that part of our website our tours, we now call that Experiences on the main Navigation menu for the website.  If you are wondering why we changed the common Tours page to Experiences there is an explanation for that and to put it simply we don’t offer just regular old Cozumel Tours we offer Cozumel Experiences that we consider must do Cozumel Activities during your cruise to Cozumel.  What can we say our Experiences are just something we feel you need to experience in order to gain a greater love and appreciation Not just for Cozumel but for all of Mexico and the rich Culture that we are so proud to share.


You also might have noticed in the menu that we have a new section of the website called Locations!  It’s easy enough for us to say we have a great restaurant or a arts and handcrafts souvenir shop and you get a little bit of an idea of what is located inside the our Cozumel Cultural Park. However, with the new locations section of the website we can give you a much more in depth look and description into all of the many areas we have on site inside of Discover Mexico for you you enjoy!

Built in Blog!

Well for any of you have enjoy our Blog on wordpress at which we have used to Cozumel travel tipseverything from Cozumel News, Cozumel travel tips, Things to do in Cozumel and more it was time to incorporate the blog directly into the website!  While we will continue to post on our external blog we will be focusing much more on posting great content for you with great insite into Cozumel from our local experts right here on the website now!

Well amigos those are just some of the new features for you guys to check out here on our brand new website!  We want to get feedback from all of you how do you like our new website compared to our old website?  We will be posting articles regularly and we want to hear from you!  So hit that share button and like our posts and tells us what you think!  In the meantime we can’t wait to hear from you here at Discover Mexico!