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Cruising to Cozumel Island

Boat cruise on water

Whether you got lucky and you found yourself bound to Cozumel Island on your cruise route or it was something you planned for, Cozumel Island offers an array of activities and places to discover that will truly make you a Cozumel fanatic!

So, what’s to love about this little Mexican gem?  Everything!  Take a look at its gorgeous colors to begin with, have you seen a deeper turquoise blue before?  Even if you’re not a diver, you can still enjoy the wonder of Cozumel’s marine life, and it’s 2nd largest coral reef in the world by taking a plunge and trying some snorkeling, not to mention other water activities such as paddle boarding, fly board, submarine immersion, glass bottom boats or simply taking a plunge in its refreshing clear waters for a sense of peace.

You can also explore the Goddess Ixchel’s shrine at San Gervasio ruins, where she was paid homage, by the old Mayans who would come to Cozumel Island at least once in their lives as pilgrimage in request for her favors, which were in fact fertility and health thus enabling Mayans to continue to flourish in the Yucatan peninsula as well as Central America.

Food is also a reason worth travelling for, and if you find yourself in the Yucatan peninsula, where Cozumel Island is located you are sure to find yourself up for a treat! The Yucatan peninsula comprises the rich culinary culture of the indigenous Mayans as well as the influence of the Spanish culture in it, dishes such as cochinita pibil, panuchos, queso relleno are only a few examples of the delicate and complex cuisine that has given the Yucatan cuisine fame.

However, what if you find yourself dubious about what activity to do and your Cozumel time frame is small? What if you want to do the most possible in one single day without having it feel like a rushed and crammed adventure?  Well, with this questions on mind, Discover Mexico designed an array of tours set to please and give a sense of real cultural immersion to our guests. You can experience the wonderful waters of Cozumel whilst also including a visit to the dioramic garden with representations of Mexico’s most iconic buildings. You can experience the best tequila tour, or making your very own chocolate, or be one of the first people in the Caribbean to experience the ultimate artistic treat, the making of your very own alebrije.  But maybe you have something different in mind?  Maybe you want to twist one of our tours a little and do a mixture of 2 tours, or have a private one for your family enjoyment only?  All possible!  Send us a message and we will get it going for you!

Remember, your next Cozumel cruising adventure can be the best one yet, just include Discover Mexico in it.