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Chocolate & Snorkel Tour

Discover Mexico Park Cozumel continues to broaden its horizons and create brand new exciting tours that are fun and fulfilling, even if your visit to Cozumel Island lasts only a few hours. What if we…

Our Taco Buffet

Mexican tacos on plates

“What’s in the Taco Buffet?” So you’ve booked a visit to Discover Mexico Park Cozumel and wonder… “What will the Taco Buffet be like?” First of all, you need to know, it won’t bear any resemblance to what is commonly known as a “Taco Bar”.  We aim to keep our traditions and culture alive and…


shot of tequila José Cuervo

If there is one drink that is known around the world for being Mexican, that has to be tequila! Tequila has become a trademark for Mexican culture, heritage, idiosyncrasy, and even the people’s festive character.  It has been rediscovered over the past 30 years, and in doing so, its fame has crossed beyond Mexico’s borders…