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Alebrije Workshop by Discover Mexico

Alebrije Discover Mexico


New experience In Cozumel Island – Alebrije Workshop by Discover Mexico!

Alebrijes originated in Mexico City in 1936 from Pedro Linares, a Mexican artist. He was known for making piñatas, masks, and papier-mâché figures. In 1936, he became very ill with a high fever that caused hallucinations in which he saw wild, vibrantly-colored animals with wings, horns, tails, and big eyes and teeth. He heard groups of voices saying the word “alebrije” over and over, and when he recovered, he used this experience in his art. He began creating these colorful, mythical “alebrijes” out of paper mache and cardboard, and eventually, his work was discovered by a gallery owner. He was also commissioned to build these sculptures for Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The tradition of paper mache alebrijes grew with time, and Pedro Linares was recognized and awarded for his work in Mexican art and culture.

Now, we can offer a similar experience right here at Discover Mexico!

Discover Mexico Park Cozumel is proud to share a brand new experience tour at our park, the Alebrije Workshop in alliance with “Jacobo & Maria Angeles” atelier.

While this workshop adds to the array of tour experiences we offer at Discover Mexico, it is also a brand new experience for Cozumel Island- something completely different for our residents and guests. Discover Mexico continues to be a groundbreaking company, set to surpass your expectations with bright new ideas and concepts for your entertainment and knowledge of Mexican culture.

The Alebrije Workshop has been carefully crafted along with “Jacobo & Maria Angeles” atelier in Oaxaca, Mexico. This renowned atelier has been awarded multiple recognitions worldwide and is considered one of the most important folk art creative studios in Mexico.  They’ve held expositions all around the world, and their unique pieces can be found in private collections and museums, where they are each recognized for their exquisite detail and uniqueness.

Discover Mexico and Jacobo & Maria Angeles launched the Alebrije Workshop on January 22, 2017. We have brought in professional handcraft teachers who are devoted to this enterprise, and now work in a special area that we have designed and built specifically for this new interactive experience.

The Alebrije Workshop is ideal for anyone with a love for handcrafts and the arts and a deep interest in Mexican culture. It is the perfect family activity and suitable for all ages. Kids and adults alike are able to choose from turtles, tucans, butterflies, or rabbits, and let your creativity flow as you create your very own and customized alebrije- a most unique piece of art that will offer you the chance to tell the story of the alebrije with our friends and family.

Be one of the first artists to create your own alebrije in Cozumel Island! Review all further details about what this tour includes, and book today for a unique and creative experience!